The Best Supplements to Build Muscle

If you’re going to build muscle, you have
to eat and drink a lot of protein, as your muscles are mainly made up of
protein and water. Drinking a lot of water is a given, as well. Make sure at
least 30% of the calories you eat
protein, allowing your body to build muscle. Protein is best found in animal
proteins such as beef, chicken and fish. You can get it from different types of
nuts and some vegetables, like leafy greens, seeds and beans.

You need to eat a variety of proteins, so
not just beef, for example, so you can get and store the most amount of amino
acids in your body. Proteins are made up of amino acids, and there are more
than 20 types of amino acids, with each food containing a different type,
therefore you need to switch it up when you eat protein. This can’t be stressed

Between workouts your muscles need to
repair and reshape, so protein shakes are almost essential to building muscle.
Protein shakes are useful because they can be grabbed quickly and drank,
anytime, anywhere. They can be expensive, and it’s recommended you buy protein
supplements and make your own shakes, this way you’ll know exactly what’s in
them and how much protein you’re actually consuming. There are five types of
protein shakes:




Soy & hemp

Blended (more than one of the

Best muscle building supplements

Water is essential for building muscle, as
muscles contain a 70-80% of water.  If
you’re dehydrated your muscles will take twice as long to repair themselves
(not to mention it’s unhealthy to be dehydrated) and being hydrated makes your
muscles look bigger, and also allows you to up the intensity of your workouts,
getting the most out of them.

A lot of people say you can’t, but you do
need to eat complex carbohydrates and some fats to build muscle.  40-60% of your daily caloric intake should be
from complex carbs and fats, the healthy kinds. 
Your muscles will look bigger and you’ll have more energy.

Above are some suggestions for supplements
to build muscle, naturally, without using anything over the counter or
prescription. No hormones needed, and no steroids either. Just a good diet,
protein shakes, water and careful monitoring of complex carbohydrates and fats.
Designed to go with a workout routine, these will have you building muscle in no
time, and feeling healthier.

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